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 Extract from Chapter 24 : Ross sets a riddle to checkmate the Nine-Headed-Hydra.

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“In a chess game, what’s the fewest number of moves a pawn must make to return to the position it started in?” he asked nervously.
“Oooowww,” exclaimed, Number Nine. “A chess riddle. I love chess.”
“Don’t be silly,” said Number One. “You can’t play chess.”
“Yes I can,” protested Number Nine. “I was playing it just last month.”
“That was football,” said Number One. “And you’re rubbish at that as well.”
“Can we concentrate on the puzzle?” spluttered Number Six. “It’s hard enough trying to think with a delicious child in my mouth without listening to you as well.”
“Ooohhh,” said Number One sarcastically. “Excuse me for existing.”
“A pawn can’t get back to its own square,” said Number Four. “For it can never move backwards.”
“It must be able to get back somehow or there’d be no riddle,” spluttered Number Two.
“I’ve got it. I’ve got it,” said Number Three. “When the game is over, it will be put back on its own square ready for the next game. So it’s the fewest number of moves to complete a game.”
“That can’t be the answer,” spluttered Number Seven.
“Yes it can,” said Number Three.
“It was a good try,” said Ross. “But I’m afraid it’s the wrong answer. The pawn must get back to its own square legally during the game.”
“Twenty-three moves,” said Number Eight.
“Twenty-three!” exclaimed Number One. “How did you get twenty-three?”
“Worked it out,” said Number Eight.
“No you didn’t,” said Number One.
“Did,” said Number Eight.
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