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 Extract from Chapter 35 : Getting to the castle with help from a friend with an ugly crooked beak.

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High above the children, on a thick branch, sat a creature with large pink wings and an ugly crooked beak. She watched intently as Simon and Ross tried to convince Melissa that she was not dead. Clumsily the creature hurtled towards them. She extended her claws in the vague hope of striking her target.
“Aaaaahhh!” screamed Melissa, coming out of her daze and seeing the vile bird about to crash into Ross.
Simon and Ross got such a fright at Melissa’s scream they jumped back. The creature got a shock too, missed Ross and smashed into a tree trunk.
“Δεεν βρ ηέκ α έθν λέξ έ νθν εξις,” she grumbled. (“Darn, I hate flying—I wish I was a fish or a rabbit or a nice little planet.”)
The creature lay on her back flapping her wings in an effort to get up.
“Grab her!” yelled Melissa. “It’s my friend. It’s Jillian.”
Nervously Simon and Ross pounced on the creature. They each grabbed a wing and pinned her firmly to the ground. Jillian tried to peck them with her razor sharp but ugly crooked beak. The boys ducked and dived to avoid injury.
“Stop that,” commanded Melissa, standing over her friend.
“πίοοί ανηα ζή τη σηαζς για, ” said Jillian. (“Who do you think you’re talking to?”)
“Jillian. It’s me. It’s Melissa. Your best friend,” cried Melissa.
Jillian hissed violently and tried to strike Melissa with her ugly crooked beak.
“Listen to me,” said Melissa. “We need your help.”
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