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 Melissa meets her father but he strikes her with a lightning bolt.

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Steropes was on his feet and approaching. He cursed when he spotted them pushing on the castle door. He hated children—even though he’d never seen one before. And the worst kind of children were the kind that tried to break into a castle he was protecting.
“αήθλια πα γα ικόττη ταΦ,” he yelled in his grumpiest voice. (Which for legal reasons can’t be translated into English.)
“Run!” shouted Simon.
They ran.
Steropes tried to run but, due to severe lumbago, he couldn’t. This made him even grumpier.
“πο φολσ μέΦνο παό ενΩθ σιασό,” he bellowed. (“Come back here please and let me snap your heads off.”)
The children sprinted across the lawn towards the trees. Simon glanced back.
“The ugly big brute’s too decrepit to chase us,” he yelled, almost laughing.
Steropes hobbled slowly after them then stopped, for although he was lacking in intelligence, he knew he would never catch them. Grumbling he turned back to get on with his guard duties. Then, bit by bit, a piece of vital information filtered through from a part of his brain that he hadn’t used for years.
“Ωέέέέέέ,” he yelled as he remembered he had a special power—the power of lightning. With an inner sense of joy he raised his right hand, pointed his index finger and fired.
An almighty flash lit up the sky. Melissa took the full blast. Hearing the thud Simon spun round. The lightning had temporarily blinded him but, through a haze, he could make out the outline of Melissa. She was lying motionless.
“Help,” he yelled to Ross.
The boys grabbed Melissa by the arms and dragged her towards the trees.
With a huge grin painted across his face, Steropes raised his arm again.
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