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Medusa Island
Extract from Chapter 13 : Running scared from Minotaur to Minotaur.

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They kept running; running for their lives. Ahead of them a second Minotaur leapt out from behind a parked truck. They crashed to a halt. They were trapped. In a matter of seconds their flesh would be ripped from their bones in a frenzied bloodbath.
“Stare at it,” commanded Simon. “Stare at it and turn it to stone.”
“I am staring,” cried Melissa. “Nothing’s happening.”
“Well stare harder,” bellowed Simon. “Come on Melissa.”
Melissa stared straight into the huge beast’s angry eyes willing it to turn to stone. With an eternity of hate the beast glared back. The rancid heat from his breath engulfed Melissa, burning her lungs with fear. The Minotaur’s roar spat across her face. He obviously was not stone.
“It’s not working,” said Melissa.
“Oh great,” said Simon, “You turn my friends to stone but your power won’t work when we need it.”
“Don’t blame me,” snapped Melissa.
“I’ve just remembered something Miss Teryee told us,” said Ross. “Medusa’s power only worked on humans. Animals and mythical beasts could stare at her all day without any nasty effect.”
“Brilliant,” groaned Simon.
Dozens of creatures were now crowded around, eager for a fight and the spilling of blood. The two Minotaurs pushed forward and scowled a warning to the others, claiming the quarry for themselves. Horns thrust out like swords they inched towards their victims.
“Come on,” yelled Ross. “Through here.”
Ross squeezed through a tiny gap in a garden hedge with Simon and Melissa fast on his heels.
“Faster, faster. Come on,” shrieked Ross.
Behind them they heard the snapping of branches as the Minotaurs tore up the hedges from their roots.

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