Medusa Island Medusa Island Medusa Island
Medusa Island

A fabulously funny fantasy fiction novel for children aged 9 - 12
                                                                           by Stuart and Linda Macfarlane

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Medusa Island

Simon rowed faster. As her song was in Greek they couldn’t understand the words but even if they had it would have made no difference. They were spellbound—trapped by the nymph’s wondrous voice as she sang her enchanting song . .
Come children,
Come one by one,
Come to my seaweed wonderland.
My sea-horses will serve you,
A feast of oyster and caviar,
As you rest your weary heads,
On pillows made from turtle-shell.
And the cod will dance,
And the salmon will sing,
And you my dears will have everything.
Come children,
Come to my seaweed wonderland,
Come, come, come to your graves.

From the still water an enormous head rose up. A green scaly head with a mouth so big it could swallow fifty men in one go without the use of a knife and fork. The children were so entranced by the song that they kept heading towards it. Three gigantic bulging eyes watched them approach. Just a few days earlier this fierce sea monster had been Melissa’s mild mannered teacher, Miss Doogooder. Now she planned Melissa’s demise.

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Medusa Island
Medusa Island
Medusa Island Medusa Island Medusa Island



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