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Medusa Island

A fabulously funny fantasy fiction novel for children aged 9 - 12
                                                                           by Stuart and Linda Macfarlane

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Medusa Island

A Simon lay deep in thought. “Either I’m going crazy or everyone else is, and, as there’s less chance of everyone else going crazy all at the same time, it must be me. ”This was a very unpleasant thought. Then he had another thought. Not a thought that was more pleasant—just a different thought. He remembered the photo he’d taken of Chris and Ross at the zoo a few days earlier. He jumped out of bed and yanked open his bedside cabinet. There it was lying safely under a pile of used tissues and bits of bubble gum that, although well chewed, hadn’t completely lost their flavor. Simon snatched up the photo. To his great relief Chris was there. He wasn’t going crazy. Now he had proof that his friend really did exist. But, as Simon stared in disbelief, the photo began to change.

“No!” cried Simon. “Oh no!”

The image of Chris faded. Within a few seconds only Ross and the three monkeys remained. Chris was gone!

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Medusa Island
Medusa Island
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