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 Mr. McRoast thinks the children are fast-food—but will they be fast enough?

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Mr. McRoast ran. He ran as fast as he could. Being an oversized lion this was pretty fast. But the rocks were moving faster. They were bouncing wildly down the mountain like huge balls and with each bounce they got nearer to Mr. McRoast. The leading rocks were almost upon him and behind rumbled hundreds more.
“What are we going to do?” asked the Wolf Head.
“What do we normally do when we’re being chased by rocks?” said the Goat Head.
The Wolf Head searched his memory. “We’ve never been chased by rocks before,” he said.
“Oh!” said the Goat Head.
“Me’s thinks we’s should hide behind that big, big, big rock,” said the Eagle Head.
“That’s stupid,” said the Wolf Head, “You can’t just hide from tumbling rocks.”
“They’re catching up on us,” said Goat Head.
“We need a plan,” said Wolf Head.
“But if we’s were behind that big, big, big . . .” said the Eagle Head.
“Shut up!” interrupted the Goat Head.
“But . . .” said the Eagle Head.
“We don’t need your silly opinion,” mocked the Wolf Head, “What we need is . . .”
Before the Wolf Head could complete his sentence a huge rock struck the Lion Body. Mr. McRoast was thrown through the air. He hit the ground with a thud, rolling over and over. More rocks hit him making him spin faster. His body was tossed this way then that before plunging down a deep crevasse. Above him the rocks, carried by their momentum, flew over the crevasse. He lay dazed, sore, but safe in the little hollow. He stayed there, licking his wounds, until the last rock passed and the noise subsided.
“Well, shall we get on with our attack?” asked the Goat Head.
“Nah,” replied the Wolf Head, “Those creatures are far too dangerous.”
“Me’s hungry,” said the Eagle Head.
“Shut up,” said the Wolf and Goat Heads in unison.
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